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shoot our designer an email at: heather@brandedhaus.co

+ How does your project scheduling work?

Our scheduling works on a first come first served basis! We love working with clients on short deadlines, or a several month project. We are happy to schedule projects right away, or a couple months in advance. Branded Haus Co. reserves the right to postpone a requested project if their schedule does not allow for anymore work at that time.

+ Do you do printing?

Unfortunately, we do not do our own printing, but we would be more then happy to give recommendations upon request!

+ Is the artwork our property once paid for?

Once the project is completed and full paid for, your company will own the rights to the final logo design you have chosen. Branded Haus Co. retains the rights to any of the creative concepts that were not chosen. Typically, unless specified in your contract, Branded Haus Co. retains the rights to the working (AI, INDD, PSD) files and the client receives the rights to all files sent to them. Branded Haus Co. designers will always retain the right to use all work for their own portfolio and advertising.

+ Do I get a vector file in my logo package?

YES! The logo files package includes an AI file with outlines fonts, a PDF, a JPG and a PNG with transparent background. Depending on the logo design, fonts are available upon request.

+ How will I receive my design project once it is finished?

Once final payment is received, the final files will be sent via Dropbox or another file transfer service.

+ What are your payment policies?

We accept secure online payments using your credit card, debit card, or your bank account via PayPal.com. We also accept business checks and personal checks. Payments are typically due 2 weeks after receipt of the invoice.

+ I need something designed YESTERDAY. Can you help me out?

We would LOVE to help you out if our schedule allows! All projects that are needed within a week timeframe will incur a $30 rush fee.

+ What does your name, Branded Haus Co., mean?

We are SO GLAD you asked! Here at Branded Haus Co., we are passionate about brands and cohesive marketing for all business types in the world, creative or non-creative! We firmly believe in BRANDING. Branding on paper, branding on the web, branding in words, and branding in actions of an individual or business. We believe in a BRANDED HOUSE, where the brand permeates every part of a business, and we exist to help people get there!

+ What makes you different then other design studios?

It is not only important to have beautiful visuals for your brand or business, but it is important to have a great relationship with a designer and marketing specialist for future needs. At Branded Haus Co., we bring all of this under one roof, a ONE STOP for all your design and marketing needs. We put our clients first, and work tirelessly to meet your needs! If you are ready to make your dreams a reality, we would love to chat.